About Soul Readings:


Clairvoyant Reading.

As a clairvoyant (or psychic), I use my spiritual sight to provide information about you as spirit.. The reading may cover information about how you use your energy systems, interference with relationships and with your divine source, or aspects of yourself of which you may not be consciously aware. A clairvoyant reading can enhance communication with your divine source. It can assist you in learning more about your energetic body and your physical body. It is a neutral, present-time look at you as spirit. I share with you images, colors and symbols that are stored in your energetic body which communication information about you as a soul. The focus is on the seven major chakras (wheels) in the body: grounding or connection to the Earth, emotions and sexuality, power, affinity or unconditional love, various forms of communication, clear seeing or third-eye, and the connection to your divine source. My clairvoyant gift may include communication with beings who have passed on and are no longer in body, as well as angelic guides, and pets.


Aura Reading.

An aura reading provides a neutral perspective of yourself, your growth and relationship with your divine source by viewing various symbols and colors contained within your auric system which communicate information about you as a spirit. An aura reading may include information about past lives.


Rose Reading.

A rose reading utilizes a set of symbols visualized and filled with your energy in order to provide information about you as a personality and as an immortal being. Past life readings or archetypal symbols are provided with the Rose Reading to assist in bringing forth information from the past to the present for learning or healing.


Other Readings.

Readings may also focus on physical well-being, health, grief, transformation or transitions, and relationship issues.

Soul Reading sessions take place in-person or via telephone, Facebook Messenger video or Skype. To schedule a session, please call or text me at 253-381-9646 or send an e-mail to jodydowa@gmail.com. Also feel free to visit my Facebook page Jody Doty Soul Reader. Soul Reading sessions are $150. I offer a sliding scale. Reading and Healing Packages and Gift Certificates are available.