Resilience Becomes You.

Resilience Becomes You.

Resilience Becomes You. You, my friend, are more than the punishing pain, the belittling and bashing, the bruises, the doubt and disappointment, the searing of scars and hurt to the heart. You never gave up or gave in. You chose strength. You found your way. You danced like a cosmic conqueror through the darkness of fear. You healed from the hell of harm. The lessons for you were harder than most, but look at you now. You are greater. Courage is your crusade. You didn’t settle. You rose from life’s basement and climbed all the way to the top of the stairway of self. You believed you could. You rallied your angels. You faced the foe, transcended fear, passionately proved your worthiness, and pursued your power. You love with the compassionate heart of one who has been there. You proudly share the torch of perseverance. Your tears are saturated with faith and freedom forged by joyful tenacity. Rejoice in your resilience. Live triumphantly. Love well. The world is yours and I couldn’t be prouder of you. Jody Doty ©2016

* Written with love for Marian Stenseth Evans and for all who found their way through the darkness of abuse and light a torch of courage for others to do the same. Jody

Marian is a contributing authors of “Resilient, A Collective of Real People Revealing True Stories of Domestic Violence” available on amazon and IbbiLane Press.

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