She found herself paralyzed in fear’s grip, sensing the devastation of an impending tsunami somewhere in the world. Held helpless in the smallness of her being, her mind circled and landed in a dark place of sadness at the prospect of hundreds of lives lost, homes destroyed, and land washed away forever into the ocean.

Suddenly and inexplicably, within the fog of her consciousness, appeared a large female humpback whale. The whale spoke to her with a familiar calm affection in a tapestry of beautiful, watery pictures. “Do not be afraid,” said the whale, “for this is but a small part in the grand ocean that is creation, a piece of the greater journey we all share.”

Then, the whale’s eyes illuminated the room with an image of another momma whale, like herself, giving birth to a new life, and then the Momma passed on, its spirit transcending body, floating into a timeless opening of love in the translucent blue sky. Its baby whale then matured as well, it too giving birth to its future, and passing into the ether’s glory.

The whale surrounded her questioning soul with flashes of infinite cycles of loving creation, of  living, dying, birth and rebirth, all shared with peaceful acceptance and understanding of purpose. She assured her it is the same with people and their earthly land.  With that, the momma whale splashed a wave of dreamy, sparkling water from the cosmos, drenching her in eternal love.

Even now, in her quiet moments of distant memory, she can still see the whale’s parting image, an enormous tear tenderly escaping the eye of the momma gray. Nestled within the whale’s tear rests the Earth in all of its tangible beauty above the whale, written in a star-dotted sky, floats the word REMEMBER and she does.