This is the CBS radio interview I did with Al Cole on his show “People of Distinction.” It aired on iTunes, NPR, among other national affiliates on January 17th. It begins with music and a 4+ minute introduction about the show.

~Jody Doty



Are you sensitive to change, transitions or energy shifts on the planet? Do you find yourself to be especially emotional or tired right now? Here’s a video with a visualization-meditation to assist with your grounding and power. I’ve been using this fabulous technique daily for many years. I hope you find it helpful, too. Have a great day on this journey called life. Jody Doty Soul Reader


Big shout out to Mary Ellen Flora and the folks at CDM Spiritual Center in Everett, WA who taught me how to ground 20 years ago. Tried and true after all these years. Thank you. Jody


PS I attribute Mercury Retrograde for the challenges with the quality of this video. Feel free to close your eyes and just listen to the words.

Quick video with a basic overview of chakras. Jody Doty