About Jody’s Healing and Energy Work

The body stores thoughts, emotions, pictures, dreams, visions and life experiences. Healing can assist you to take more conscious control of your energy system and your higher life purpose.

Aura Healing

A non-touch healing is a cleansing of your aura and chakras, your energetic system, that provides an opportunity for you to tune into yourself, to bring your awareness into the present moment, and to release anything that no longer serves you, i.e. stored pain from an injury, energy you are holding onto from a past relationship that you are ready to release.  The seven major areas of focused healing are your grounding, emotions and sexuality, power, heart, communication, clear seeing  and connection with the divine.  An aura healing may be experienced as refreshing, energizing, relaxing or peaceful. The healing takes approximately 15 minutes.

Male – Female Energy Balancing

A male-female energy rebalancing is an extension of the aura healing with a focus on the balance of male and female energies in the body. Our bodies experience both.  The focus is on bringing awareness of your duality into the present moment and releasing any unwanted or non-beneficial energy or pictures stored from the past.

Astral Body Healing

An astral body healing assists in releasing any unwanted energy that you may be holding onto or picked up during our periods of sleep or travels into the astral plane. An astral body healing balances both the physical and the ethereal body, bringing them in tune.

Long Distance Healing

A focus on healing the energetic system from a distance or different location.