I’m Jody Doty, soul reader, healer and writer. You could call me a soul whisperer. I love to use my gift to assist you in returning to your center, to recall your soul’s purpose, and to provide spiritual clarity during times of transition. Soul readings promote spiritual healing and help you to discover the place of peace and inner calm where love and light abide in the eternal now. I offer readings and healings in-person or long distance.

Soul Readings

Readings may also focus on physical well-being, health, grief, transformation or transitions, female concerns and relationship issues.

Clairvoyant Reading
Aura Reading
Rose Reading
Other Readings


Soul writings are inspired through meditation on the divinity that every moment guides us on our journey.

Healing & Energy Work

The body stores thoughts, emotions, pictures, dreams, visions and life experiences. Healing can assist you to take more conscious control of your energy system and your higher life purpose.

Divine Explorations and Moon Soul Musings

by Jody Doty

My soul writings shared on the Meditations and Musings by Jody Doty and Poetry and Moon Soul Musings Facebook pages are inspired through meditation on the divine that every moment guides us on our journey. The words flow from the deep heart that beats within each of us. The writings, musings and poetry are focused on living your best life through the lens of the divine perspective with the hope that my words will speak to your heart and soul, helping to light your path and provide hope, encouragement and inspiration.